The Best Camera for Event Photography in 2022

This is a guide covering Best Camera for Event Photography. The Photography of the event is a fun and exciting field. Most events photographers determine the powerful low lighting room because most photos of events are done internally. The low light chamber is useful for absorbing each image under internal conditions lacking wide lighting. If you have the correct camera, you can take a stunning picture, regardless of how the event’s lighting is.

To capture photos that appear like experts, you need high-quality cameras that work well with different conditions. There may be great cameras for photographs of events in the market, and it may not be easy to decide if it has a good choice for you. To help you, we have set a list of the best cameras for photos of events in today’s market.

What is the Best Camera for Event Photography?

Best Camera for Event Photography
Sony Alpha 7S III (Image Credit: Amazon)

1. Sony Alpha 7S III

The Best Camera for Event Photography

About this item:

  • 4K, Optimized for Sensitivity and Speed ​​12.1MP1 EXMOR R Sensor
  • The new Bionz XR processor provides more than eight times more processing of POWER2
  • Low noise images with ISO are up to 409,6003 and 15 + Towamin STOP 4 stop area
  • Designed to achieve 50-to-line / MM performance resolution
  • Two XA elements with high surface accuracy (external devices). Minimum Focal Distance-0.28 m (0.92 feet). Maximum magnification ratio (X) -0.19
  • Maximum opening of constant f2.8 maintains exposure and depth. Food Type: Petal Type, Bayonet Type. Open leaves: 11

One of the most important things we like in the Sony Alpha A7S III is the speed of the frame. 12.1 When recording with MP 10 FPS, this is one of the fastest continuous recording speeds you can get. At this rate, the camera can still launch up to 1000 RAWs or JPEG frames. You will never miss the moment of righteousness.

In addition, the sensor is in full-frame; only 12.1 MP resolution offers much higher individual pixels than other similar specification models (but higher MP count). In the event, these pixels are very effective, so it is very effective to collect many lights.

A7S III’s electronic finder gains special mention. Viewers have been essentially improved in the previous model. And because it is straight, it is one of the best examples (if it is not the best example, you can find you.

To shoot the subject with a rapid movement, they will love face tracking and face tracking in the concert.

It also receives an image stabilization system on a 5-axis body. In the case of event camera squares, using a tripod is unlikely that the event host sets the range and restriction determined by the event host. This image stabilization technology is coming from confirming a short recording even if you hold hands at a slightly longer shutter speed.

  • Amazing suppression of noise
  • Good image stabilization for easy retention.
  • Twin slot card for advanced fire
  • It is not the best in ergonomics.
  • Very expensive
best affordable camera for event photography
Nikon Z7 II (Image Credit: Amazon)

2. Nikon Z7 II

The Best Camera for Event Photography

About this item:

  • All small details. 45.7MP. Powerful AF Performance NIKKOR Z Lens. Intuitive Features Temperature Tools for the most demand for high-resolution images.
  • Record the subject’s speed and accuracy. There is an attenuation capacity of 3.3X, and the original Z. Improves AF performance and functionality.
  • Double card slot (coexpress / XQD, UHS-II SD). The flexibility and tranquility while taking more important or task moments such as weddings and events. Comfortable. It is continuous. Intuitive. The inside and Z 7II were carefully designed to be treated with maximum comfort and operative friendliness and used.
  • The vertical handle is ready. It is compatible with new vertical battery grips for people who need more power and light triggers when absorbing vertically. 4K UHD 60P video. Smooth action, smooth camera motion, and power to reduce post speed 4K UHD image. USB-C constant power and maintenance. Do not injure energy, video sprouts, time injury during live gearboxes.
  • Assembly accepts them all. The Nikkor Z lens growth path with the FTZ mount adapter (sold separately) and about 360 F mount NIKKOR lenses are compatible.
  • Maximum Focal Distance: 0.95 mm
  • Optical zoom: 1.0 multiplier X.
  • Video recording resolution: 2160p
  • Nikon Z7 II is the last update of the Z7 series.

Z7 II is designed to be all cameras. Cameras are powered by a dual Ever 6 image processor manufactured for high-performance modeling technologies. These processors provide faster continuous recording speeds with faster and reliable autofocus and larger buffers.

For resolution, Z7 II provides a BSI CMOS sensor of 45.7 MP frames and is substantially identical to the original Z7 model. Each event loves each event is a continuous shooting speed of 10 FPS. This fast frame does not miss a shot at the event.

The Autofocus system supports eye monitoring. This is a great advantage when shooting a wedding, corporate event, concert, and almost everything so that you can record sharp pictures. The camera has a 5-axis picture stabilization technology (Nikon calls for a decrease in vibration).

  • Powerful processor for high-speed management
  • Fast of the frame to accommodate photos
  • The high sensitivity of autofocus
  • There is no optical low pass filter
best mirrorless camera for event photography
Nikon Z6 (Image Credit: Amazon)

3. Nikon Z6

The Best Camera for Event Photography

About this item:

  • Size and perfect assembly Z for innovative optical performance Z
  • 5MP illumination image sensors with Nocona design.
  • 273-point phase-detection system in the sensor
  • 12 FPS. 4K Super HD Videos. 6K time-lapse. 1080P / 120FPS Slow Motion
  • Compatible with the Nikkor Z lens, 360 f-Monte NIKKOR lens.

Despite the improvement of the Z6 model, we still love the oldest Z6. This is one of the main reasons this is a superior speed of continuous recording and impressive image quality.

Event Photos, Nikon Z6, offers 12 FPS continuous shooting speeds. We love cameras in fast frames, especially to record wedding pictures. However, there are also too many photos. However, it is a versatile camera that Z6 is a versatile camera, and you can be more than shooting events.

The performance of continuous automatic approaches is very good, and many event photographers need to meet the needs. Don’t forget that you can’t see your eyes in the eye where you discussed the two predecessor models we discussed. This was not the latest technology, most photographers.

In principle, this is an easy date model, still offers everything you need to shoot an incredible photo for the event; if you are looking for a few dollars, you save, But with no mirror.

  • High precision for autofocus recognition
  • Good performance of continuous autofocus
  • No eyes sharpening service
  • Buffer performance is not large
best nikon camera for event photography
Nikon D500 (Image Credit: Amazon)

4. Nikon D500

The Best Camera for Event Photography

About this item:

  • CMOS sensor. Viewer: Step Pentapurizuma Axis Pentprism Reflex Lenguaje
  • EXPEED 5 Image Processors. Screen size: 3.2 inches diagonal
  • 3.2 inches 2,539 k dots table Touch LCD screen
  • 4K UHD Video Recording
  • Multi-CAM 20K System 153 points AF
  • Native ISO 51200 is 1.64 million in ISO
  • Up to 200 images of 10 FPS are
  • Integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC
  • 180K Pixel RGB Sensor and AF Group Area

Nikon D500 is a possible camera. We love it. Many of its nature and function are borrowed from the most powerful D5. D500 has a 20.9 MP APS-C-C-Size CMOS sensor. This is a problem if there is a habit of rear reaming when you shoot a full resolution and if you shoot it. This can be a great camera even if they recognize these limits.

Sometimes D500 has 99 AF crosspoints and 153 points and multi-CAM modules to focus any event that is indispensable for events. Long short stories have the type of camera that can block your motives and accommodation, regardless of what happens.

Buffer Overalls Previous Loss None 200 Raw Frames Camera Image Speed ​​per the second image. Using an XQD card, of course, is provided. It means that I have a perfect shooting for shooting in continuous burst mode during post-processing.

Cameras are those with two grooves for memory cards. If you take an XQD (or CFEXPRESS) card, others accept the SD / SDHC / SDXC card. This gives you a long recording time. Or you can choose to use other backups.

  • Many automatic focus points for quick and easy self-control
  • Double card slot
  • High-speed image processing engine
  • Cultural format sensor
  • Limited resolution
best dslr camera for event photography
Nikon D850 (Image Credit: Amazon)

5. Nikon D850

The Best Camera for Event Photography

About this item:

  • Nikon Development Full Frame Image Sensor designed without low pass optical filter (BSI)
  • 45.7 Temporary Resolution Megapixels, Most Dynamics and Moire Dangerous Danger
  • AF full power of 9 FPS1 series recording with full resolution and maximum
  • 8k6, Sharpness and Detail New 4K Timelapse Video. File system: DCF 2.0, EXIF ​​2.31, Pict PIRGO
  • Listen to more touch screens, focus change recording mode, and extra power battery. A total number of pixels: 46.9 million.
  • 4K Ultra HD Video Recording, Slow Motion of 120 FPS at 1080

Nikon D850 is a full maximum in many respects. When planning a picture of events such as a serious career, it is a perfect blend of full-frame power shooters with big frames and great light skills on the frame, an ideal combination.

D850 ignition is a 45.7 MP BSI CMOS sensor. This combined D850 is an image processing machine EXPEED 5 that can be taken with automatic exposure or autofocus at the speed of seven tables per second picture with full resolution. At photography events, seven FPSs are decent numbers, and you need to make sure that you have high rates.

If you want to get a little more about your frame rate, you can improve the optional battery grip to increase the maximum frame rate of 9 images per second.

7 In FPS, D850 can capture the maximum value of 51 raw frames before the buffer surplus. This is not a lot of frames. In other words, she frees his shot, shock absorber, when it makes it possible between all, he has a more painting for more work, skating burst.

By the way, D850 uses the same autofocus system as D500 and D5. If you are looking for your predecessor as D810, it is pure D850 in speed and autofocus accuracy. The sensitivity of autofocus is -4 eV. After that, regardless of the light situation at the event, you will not find the D850 battle.

A phase-detection system with a chip missing from D850. Lack of this can not be used with photographs of live view mode and sharp carnation. This is one thing that Canon is comparable to 5D mark IV.

  • Fantastic Camera Sensor
  • Seven photos per 2nd series image speed
  • Good ISO area for low light performance
  • It is not the best self Copyus
  • Phase detection of AF sensors
best sony camera for event photography
Sony Alpha A9 II (Image Credit: Amazon)

6. Sony Alpha A9 II

The Best Camera for Event Photography

About this item:

  • Maximum speed: 35 mm rapid full-frame stacked EXMOLEE 24 2MP CMOS sensor RS built-in memory
  • Autofocus speed: up to 20 frames with full resolution in AF / AE tracking per second
  • Detection of advanced materials: real-time and real-time in human, animal, movie tracking
  • Voice memo function: Browse photos or add voice memos in the text of IPTC data audio (WAV file).
  • High brightness viewer: 100% frame compensation range OLED OLED View continuous light-shielding freestone
  • Connectivity has been updated: high speed 2. 4 or 5 GHz Wi-Fi, up to 1 Gbps Ethernet, and secure FTP
  • 4k: Shooting, Movement S & Q, 2. Four Pixel Binning 4 times, Sobreamplizante
  • Other features: Touch Screen, Bluetooth, Image Stabilization, Anti-Flicker, Dual SD Card Slot UHS-II
  • Table: Power Cable, Battery, Cable Protection, Charger, Neck Strap, Body Cap / Shoes, Eye Cup, USB Cable

Sony Alpha A9 II is our favorite in various ways. It is one of the best mirrorless cameras and the best cameras for shooting events so far. Sony Alpha A9 II is supplied by CMOS sensor stack 24 MP. AF Detection System Point 693 covers almost 93% of the framework. This is an advantage when attempting to have an eccentric composition. In the case of this case, there are many ways to create a composition of beautiful decomposition.

Furthermore, the AF-detection 425 compares higher accuracy to automatic comparison with other cameras. The Exmor BSI sensor can capture many lights. A photographer loves an event.

Electronic closures can be 20 fps frame rates. New A9 II also has mechanical closure. This is all the way you were made in the church, so I want all the sound of the mechanical shutter because it was disturbed by several wedding events. Mechanical closure can shoot up to 10 FPSs. This is the oldest A9, with the oldest A9 only at five fps that can take a mechanical closure.

However, the problem is that there is only an SD card slot twin SD. These cards support UHS-II for faster results, but you can prefer to use CF Express Cards. Camera native ISO area 100 to 51200. Of course, you can expand. However, for practical purposes, it is enough.

  • Impressive Performance Auto Focus
  • Excellent performance by improved serial pickup buffer
  • Sometimes sealed design
  • More Carina Options
  • Card slots support memory card type SD only
best canon camera for professional photography
Canon 6D Mark II (Image Credit: Amazon)

7. Canon 6D Mark II

The Best Camera for Event Photography

About this item:

  • 26.2 Megapixel Sensor CMOS Full Screen
  • Optical viewer with 45 AF systems. Correspondence Lens: Canon EF Lens (for EFS and EF M)
  • Phase detection and full HD 60P dual pixel CMOS AF
  • DiGiCo 7 Image Processor, GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth under Energy
  • Touch Screen Different Angles, 3.0 Inch LCD
  • Standard Power: LP E6N, LP E6 Battery

Canon EOS 6D Mark II is a table DSLR of cannon stability. It is supplied with 26.2 MP CMOS sensors, which are paired with the DigAr image processing engine. 7. The range of native ISO sensors is 100 to 40000. Event Photos Looking for Photos and Record Event Photos Clean Small Packages for Photographer.

Continuous shooting speed is not screaming, and it is 6.5 fps. However, if the shutter button is accepted and released so that the buffer may increase, you must overcome if you overcome the buffer problem.

Nevertheless, the 6.5 FPS burst rate is sufficient for weddings, company meetings, fashion shows. Only when covering scenarios. Like a play or concert, you may want a high continuous frame rate.

The intuitive approach of 6D II marks powered by 45 points of all types of AF. Sensors are also equipped with dual-pixel CMOS autofocus technology. This technology is greatly superior to the camera in live view mode.

  • Reasonable price compared to other cameras
  • fullscreen
  • Good sensitivity of low lighting
  • It is not the highest speed of continuous shooting
best canon camera for event photography
Canon EOS R6 (Image Credit: Amazon)

8. Canon EOS R6

The Best Camera for Event Photography

About this item:

  • High quality with a full screen of the new CMOS sensor 20 megapixels.
  • DIGIC X image processor in 100 to 102400 ISO range. Expandable to 204,800th
  • High-speed suppression records of up to 12 FPS with electronic, mechanical shutters and 20 (silent) FPS triggers.
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF is about 100% to 1,053 AF areas.
  • Pursuit of human and animal theme with deep learning technology.
  • Video capture resolution: 4K UHD 2160P.
  • R6 EOS Camera Body, Battery Pack LP-E6NH, Charger LC-E6, Broadband, KamerabDeckel R-F-5

Canon EOS R6 is a relatively new full-frame with a mirrorless camera. Sensor 20.1MP is driven. Combined with sensor X has the X processor Digic Canon. This is a very powerful camera, and certainly, it may take to shoot an event.

The 20.1-megapixel sensor with the image processing engine can be recorded and saved in up to 12 FPS, JPEG mode in RAW mode. We are satisfied with more than 12.5 FPS FPSs than 12.5 FPS FPS. It also uses mechanical shutters. In the electronic shutter, up to 20 FPSs can be recorded.

However, the best bit is probably the processor and sensor. You can create a silent frame with light in a small situation. A large feature sensor having a relatively small number of pixels means that the individual pixels are large and have higher capacitances for collecting light. This is what all photographer loves events.

Most events tend to light indoors. Therefore, it is essential to use a camera that works well with low light. At this point, Canon EOS R6 is ideal for event photography.

The camera has been ensured through Autofokussión, 5-axis seal climatic climate and a reliable image stabilization system. This is the type of camera you can get with you in any event and then take a sharp picture every time.

  • 20.1MP Resolution Sensor
  • Sealed time design
  • Maximum shutter speed of 20 fps (using electronic shutter)
  • I cannot believe
  • EF lens is not compatible with legacy
best camera lens for event photography
Nikon D7500 (Image Credit: Amazon)

9. Nikon D7500

The Best Camera for Event Photography

About this item:

  • Measurement corresponding to the quality, ISO area, image processing, and award-win D500 of key class images
  • Large point 3.2 “922K, LCD screen with tactile function. Temperature: 40 ° C (32 ° F. to 104 ° F) Humidity: 85% or less (No condensation)
  • AF system with 15 horizontal sensors and AF group areas combined with up to 8 FPS continuous recording capacity
  • Stereo, electric open/closing control, car ISO, 4K UHD time-lapse, etc. 4K ultra HD and 1080P full HD
  • Built-in and Bluetooth Wi-Fi for Simple Connectivity Through Nikon Snap Bridge Application

Nikon D7500 is an event-level event photographer’s budget selection. It is not the fastest or maximum buffer size, not the best spot camera. However, there are almost not all bits that someone looking for the photo camera of the event is interesting. And most of them, it is cheap.

A 20.9 MP DX CMOS sensor drives D7500. Nikon’s DX sensor is a harvesting sensor. Therefore, there are several cultures involved in using these cameras and full-frame lenses. Combining with the sensor is an image processing engine of the fifth intake. The low light output is 100 to 51.200 based on the native ISO region of the camera.

Camera Nikon D7xxx series has impressive continuous shooting performance. This is why they are very popular before they think of Nikon D500. D7500 is still impressive. You can start continuously at eight fps speed, and at this speed, the camera can record 100 JPEGs sequentially before the buffer dust coat.

  • The friendly choice for budget
  • Maximum buffer 100 JPEG
  • Good assortment of local ISO for low light emission
  • It is not the best lightweight performance
best camera lens for event photography
OLYMPUS OM-D E-M1 Mark III (Image Credit: Amazon)


The Best Camera for Event Photography

About this item:

  • Multi-selector (joystick) for quick selection of AF area when looking through the finder
  • Dust/resistance test of magnesium alloy/stem freezing
  • 50MP Hand High Resolution
  • 60 FPS (S-AF), 18 FPS with Mute Electronic Closure (C-AF Tracking)
  • In addition to 121 points and contrast detection, all phase detection of type type.
  • Mode shooting mode of the starry sky
  • SD dual card slot
  • IPX1 Weatherability IPX1

If it is already reversed in Micro-4-Stigmal System, Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III is a great camera for buying. At the current price, it is a retailer, and it is also a bargain.

OLYMPUS OM-D E-M1-Mark III is driven by a fourth, third sensor of 20.4 MP. It is a pair with the IX-Feopic Image processor that can handle small light conditions. You can not emphasize this point too much. The low light function is essential for each camera.

OLYMPUS OM-D E-M1-Mark III can contain photos at a surprising rate of 60 FPS (in electronic closure). However, even mechanical closures can record 15 FPSs configured. You probably do not need such a high frame rate, but it is good to start.

The native ISO area of ​​the camera is 100-25600. It is enough to deal with small situations. If you are looking for additional insurance, you can compensate for up to 7.5 smoothing stops for the camera in a system with a 5-axis sensor change type image stabilization. You can substantially remove the camera into the tripod and take confidence.

  • Four-third micro camera
  • Fair price
  • Good image correction performance
  • The minimum size of the sensor can be limited

Purchase Manual Of The Best Camera for Event Photography

Low lightness

One of the most important things you are looking for when purchasing an event shooting camera is checking for the low light weight of the camera. Several parameters determine the general performance of the camera in low light.

The first is the native ISO sensitivity. The larger the camera’s native ISO number, the higher the ability to obtain exposure available with high ISO. In other words, you may not want to use very high ISO numbers in any situation. Higher ISOS starts digital noise, and it is likely to ruin your photos. Look for a camera that provides excellent lightweight performance. However, try the camera to limit itself to a comfortable number.

Other characteristic features concerning ISO are native dual ISO or ISO invariance as much as possible. Dual native ISO cameras read two different native ISO numbers (and thus induce noise) without additional reinforcement.

Autofocus speed and reliability.

One of the main requirements of good cameras for event photography is the speed and reliability of autofocus. Some cameras have a very convenient AF eyepiece tracking mechanism when shooting events.

Events are very dynamic places. They are not like a set of works in their study, and a model is sitting in silence, and his camera is placed in a tripod. At the event, you will always move from one place to another and fire by hand.

Therefore, your camera is related to the reliability of special self-focus focus and as well speed.

Continuous shooting speed

Although certain shooting speeds are not required, you can shoot at high speed when retrieving emotions and topics. More frames provide an opportunity to capture at least one shot and perfect recording that everything is being summarized.

Most event photographers are satisfied with 6 to 8 fps as the greatest continuous shooting speed, but it is recommended to go with about ten fps for these low additional security of the camera.


If you do your work well, the picture of the event is a fun commitment. Using the appropriate equipment, you can get an impressive recording of all kinds of events. Cameras are simply the starting point of the masterpiece picture, but they will bring along the path!

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