Oraimo Charger kit Type-C OCW-E102D + CC55 White Powergan 45W Fast Charging

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Brand : Oraimo
Product Type : Charger Adapter
Model : OCW-E102D
Input : 100-240V~50-60Hz,1.2A Max
Power : 45 Watt
Warranty : 1 Year

About this Item

  • Oraimo OCW-E102D + CC55 Powergan 45 45W Fast Charging Charger Kit: Charges your devices with lightning speed.
  • GaN technology ensures efficient power delivery and reduced heat generation.
  • AniFast™ technology supports various charging protocols for wide compatibility.
  • Compact design for portability without compromising on power.
  • Multi-protection features guard against short circuits, overheating, and over-charging.
  • A reliable solution for fast, safe, and convenient charging on the go.

The Oraimo Charger Kit Type-C OCW-E102D + CC55 White Powergan 45W Fast Charging is a versatile charging solution designed to provide fast and efficient power delivery for various devices. Here are the details about this product:

Type-C Compatibility: The charger kit utilizes a Type-C connector, which is becoming increasingly common in modern devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. This ensures broad compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Fast Charging Technology: With its Powergan 45W Fast Charging capability, this charger kit can deliver rapid charging speeds to compatible devices. Fast charging technology enables users to quickly recharge their devices, minimizing downtime and keeping them powered up throughout the day.

Compact Design: The charger kit features a compact and portable design, making it convenient to carry around in bags, purses, or pockets. This portability makes it ideal for travel, work, or everyday use, ensuring that you can charge your devices wherever you go.

White Color: The charger kit comes in a sleek white color, which not only adds a touch of style but also makes it easy to spot among your belongings.

Reliable Brand: Oraimo is known for producing high-quality mobile accessories, including chargers, cables, power banks, and more. With this product, users can expect reliable performance and durability.

Safety Features: The charger kit likely incorporates various safety features to protect both the device being charged and the charger itself. These may include safeguards against overcharging, overheating, short circuits, and voltage fluctuations, ensuring a safe charging experience.

Included Components: The kit may include additional components such as a Type-C cable or adapter, providing everything needed for convenient charging out of the box.

Overall, the Oraimo Charger Kit Type-C OCW-E102D + CC55 White Powergan 45W Fast Charging offers fast and reliable charging for a wide range of devices, making it a practical and convenient accessory for tech-savvy users on the go.

Product Parameters:

Plug Type: UK Type
Input: 100-240V~50-60Hz,1.2A Max
Output 1: 5.0V 2.4A,12.0W Max
Output 2: 5.0V 3A, 9.0V 3A,12.0V 3A,15.0V 3A, 20.0V 2.25A, 4.0-11.0V 4.1A,11.0-21.0V 2.1-4.1A,45.0W Max
PPS: 3.3-11.0V 3A
Output 1+Output 2: 5.0V 2.4A,12.0W Max
Output 2: 4.0-11.0V 3.3A, 5.0V 3A, 9.0V 3A,15.0V 2A,20.0V 1.5A, 33.0W Max
Model: OCW-U102D+CC55

*Suitable for 4.0mm*1.7mm DC Plug and supports the following laptop models:

HP: Envy4 TPN-C102, Q113, Q115
Dell: 5470, 55480, 5560, VOSTPO14-5480, HA65NS5-OO
Lenovo: Air12/13, 110s, 310, 310S, 7000, B5010, D330, E41-55, ZwnbookK3u, MIIX5, MIIX510-12, 100-14, 100-15, 100S-14, 310-14, IdeaPad 310, 510-14, 710-13, 100s-14IBR, 120S-14IAP, 710S-13ISK


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