Oraimo Traveler 3 Byte OPB-P271D 27000mAh Dual USB Fast Charging Power Bank

৳  3,060.00

Ultra-high Capacity
2.1A Dual Fast Charging
Anti-scratch Texture
Power LED Display Triple Input
Skin-friendly Frosted Surface
Inner Nano Coating
Anti-sweat USB Port

About this Item

  • Massive 27000mAh capacity charges most phones over 6 times.
  • Dual 2.1A fast charging ports charge two devices simultaneously.
  • Triple recharging modes: Lightning, Type-C, and Micro USB.
  • Elegant frosted design with skin-friendly texture and LED power display.
  • Sweat-resistant USB ports protect against damage and corrosion.
  • Multi-protection safety system ensures device and user safety.

Introducing the powerhouse of portable charging: the Massive Power 27000mAh Power Bank by oraimo. With its ultra-high capacity, dual fast charging capabilities, and sleek design, this power bank is the ultimate solution for all your charging needs.

Massive Power:
With a whopping 27000mAh capacity, this power bank is brimming with pure power, capable of charging most phones over 6 times on a single charge. Say goodbye to constantly searching for outlets and embrace the convenience of long-lasting power wherever you go.

2.1A Dual Fast Charging:
Equipped with oraimo’s Fast Charging technology, this power bank features dual output, allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously without compromising on charging speed. Whether you’re charging your smartphone, tablet, or other devices, you can rely on rapid charging to keep you powered up and on the go.

Triple Recharging Modes:
Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for the right cable with the Massive Power Power Bank. It comes with Lightning, Type-C, and Micro USB recharging ports, providing you with the flexibility to recharge your power bank using any cable you have on hand.

Elegant Design:
Designed with both style and functionality in mind, the Massive Power Power Bank features a frosted surface with a polka dot pattern, offering a delicate, skin-friendly touch while also providing protection against scratches, bumps, and corrosion. The sweat-resistant USB ports further enhance durability, ensuring your power bank stays in pristine condition.

Power LED Display:
Stay informed about your power bank’s remaining capacity with the built-in LED display, which accurately shows the remaining power in digital format. With just a glance, you can easily monitor how much charging power is left, allowing you to plan your charging needs accordingly.

Multi-protection Safety System:
Your safety and the safety of your devices are paramount. That’s why the Massive Power Power Bank is equipped with a multi-protection safety system, including surge protection and short circuit prevention, among other advanced safety features. Rest assured that your devices will be safeguarded against potential risks while charging.

Don’t let low battery anxiety hold you back. With the Massive Power 27000mAh Power Bank by oraimo, you can enjoy uninterrupted power whenever and wherever you need it.

About Oraimo
In May 2013, a group of explorers founded Oraimo with a vision to create something different and impactful. Committed to innovation, they focused on smart accessories to enhance people’s lives and enable them to explore the world. Oraimo continues to push boundaries, providing quality products that empower global users to stay connected and inspired.


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